A Pink karaoke during live broadcast …

May 26 Naver V app , A Pink outdoor live . The title of the broadcast, this time “We’re out right now”, the place had to change due to weather conditions. So A Pink chose going to a karaoke.

First of all, Apink members chose “Hopefully Sky” of Eunji solo songs . To the have been much excited, members caused the fans laughed to change the rhythm and sing it more quickly.

Following members took suggestions from fans and sang “I Miss You” by Kim Bum Soo, “Caution” of Tashannie”PSY” Champion”,”You Are My Everything”of Gunmmi and” Love and War “of Davichi.

Other songs including DJ DOC’s “Run to You” (2000), Lee Jung-hyun’s “Wa” (1999), Mamamoo’s hit “You’re the Best,” Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang.”

The end of the broadcast Eunji tells fans: “we had so much fun with you all. I hope they have heard the songs they wanted and spent a good time”.

The group recently revealed a special song for fans, titled “The Wave,” to mark the fifth anniversary since its debut in 2011. The member EunJi also performs ‘Where The Wind Blows’ Cover .