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‘My Little TV’ Black Pink, dust content first place

By  •  5 days ago

Black Pink stole the hearts of viewers with a refreshing opening.

Black Pink appeared on MBC ‘My Little TV’, which was broadcasted at 11:45 pm on the night May 20, …
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YG Enter, Black Pink advance to Japan … first showcase in July..

By  •  1 week ago

Black Pink made their debut in Japan.

BLACKPINK PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE “will be held on July 20 in Japan’s Bukodan.

This showcase is unusual for foreign new artists to be …
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Black Pink preparing for the comeback in June ..

By  •  2 weeks ago

Black Pink is preparing for a comeback in June.

According to an official from YG, Black Pink is spurring preparations for a comeback in June. As soon as the debut, …
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“Youth” Black Pink in four-color visual effects

By  •  3 weeks ago

The innocent visual of the girl group Black Pink …

May 4, Black Pink official Instagram, an advertisement behind cut was shared.

In the photos, Black Pink, which features four-color …
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Idol group brand reputation in April… First place BTS… 2nd to 20?

By  •  4 weeks ago

100 Idol group brand reputation.

The result of the survey was analyzed as the first place BTS . Second place WINNER. Third place Twice.

The Korea Reputation Research Institute has …
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