Actress Ju Suk Wook ♥ Cha Ye Ryun couple wedding photos were released.

On the 18th, fashion magazine Instyle unveiled a wedding photo of Ju Suk Wook ♥ Cha Ye Ryun couple. This picture, which was held on the island of Lanai, Hawaii, is not only romantic, but also the tale of a married couple.

Ju Suk Wook ♥ Cha Ye Ryun have developed into a lover through the MBC drama ‘Glamorous Temptation’, which was broadcast last year, and they were married until marriage. Their taste is very similar. I enjoy sports and travel often.

In the interviews of Ju Suk Wook ♥ Cha Ye Ryun, the sweetness reached even more. Ju Suk Wook is not really a charm but a charm. I think it is my only privilege that no one else knows. Also, the image that is shown is a ‘tea girl’, but it is the opposite of reality. It is also good for cooking and housework, “he said, showing off his affection.

“We have met at least 480 days out of 500 days I’ve been dating so far. we met up every day except when I had an inevitable shooting schedule, often meet noisy, and seem a lot of disadvantages and we break up, but we got deeper. It seemed like I spent the last year and a half like five or six years. When I met about 350 times, I wanted to marry this woman. “He said, deciding to marry.

In addition, “Glamorous Temptation” first shot was a new kiss wearing a wedding dress and tuxedo. After a year and a half we really got married, and I think this is fate, I think.Ju Suk Wook ♥ Cha Ye Ryun couple marries on May 25.

Their real love stories and makeup videos can be found in more detail through the May issue of ‘Instyle’.