Bad news for fans of 4 minute …the young woman not will remain together after their contracts end in the middle of the month.

After long discussions with Cube Entertainment [agency]. HyunA has renewed its contract with the Agency, but that the rest of the members are still in talks to renew their contract or leave the Agency.

One industry insider said “each Member is thinking for their careers in the singing and acting are different; so, after several months of debate, they decided that it was difficult to keep the group as it is. HyunA has signed the renewal of her contract, some are in negotiations and some will leave the Agency“.

So far only to renew the contract with over HyunA and the other members were still in contract negotiations. However, not sure that 4 minute will be disbanded.

4 minute 2009 debuted and this year also mark as the group debut 7 anniversary.The group great success with several songs such as “What’s Your Name?”, “Crazy”, among others. Its most recent release was her mini album cover “Act. 7″.

HyunA solo activities are currently being prepared for a new album.