BTS will participate in the Seo Taiji remake project.

September 24, Seo Tae-ji said, “We will start the ’25’ project, which is a remake of the great songs of Seo Taiji, and the participation of the BTS was decided as the first runner of the remake.”

’25’project mark up as 25th anniversary of the debut this year, Seo Taij is designed to create musical connections with juniors and to make meaningful music and present it to the public. BTS, the first runner, presented Seo Taiji’s “Classroom Idea” at the KBS Festival Festival in 2016. Seo Taiji was said to have appreciated the stage of BTS at that time.

Seo Taij said, “Seo Taij will directly recommend junior musicians to participate in the ’25’ project, including BTS. The selection and arranging process will discuss the musical personality of the participating junior musicians. “He said.

Seo Taiji will release the musicians who will participate in the ’25’ project starting from the BTS and the songs to be reinterpreted in sequence. The previous releases of SUNG SI KYUNG’s ‘To You’, Guckkasten Ha Hyun Woo’s ‘Hayuga’ and IU’s ‘SOGYEOKDONG’ have all been high on the charts.

Meanwhile, Seo Taiji will hold a 25th anniversary performance at the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on September 2.