'2018 MAMA' comes to Korea, Japan and Hong Kong

Aug 29, CJ ENM announced that 2018 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) will be held from December 10th to 14th in three regions of Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

‘2018 MAMA’, which is the tenth of this year, will be held on December 10th (Monday) in Korea (place tentative), December 12th (Wednesday) in Japan Saitama Super Arena, December 14 (Fri) Hong Kong AWE (AsiaWorld-Expo Arena) and it will continue to decorate ‘MAMA WEEK’.

MAMA‘, which was held in the first three regions (Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong) last year, aimed at expanding the harmony and exchange of Asian music market.

This year ‘MAMA‘ award ceremony for all the people who contributed to the development of global music industry. The festival plans to create a music hall with the splendid stage presented by the best artists, including the ‘MAMA Specialized Sector Awards’.

In Korea, we invite musicians who are leading the development of the global music industry and artists from all over Asia.

We will explore the professionalism and diversity of professionals and explore ways to develop the music industry ecosystem through industrialization.

CJ ENM New Music Hall of Contemporary Music Unit said, “MAMA, which has been growing for many years, is a global music festival where CJ’s cultural competence and technology are integrated, and a lot of investment is being made to show an innovative stage every year. This year, we will go to the stage where the know-how accumulated over the years is totaled, and we will try to shine as the best global music festival in the name and upper part of the world where not only domestic and foreign artists but also those working in the music industry receiving attention,” he said.

Meanwhile, MAMA is the 10th global music award ceremony hosted by CJ ENM. It started as the ‘Mnet Video Music Awards’ in 1999 and has evolved steadily along with the growth of the Korean music industry, and has been held in Korea for about 10 years, and was transformed into ‘MAMA‘ in 2009.

It is the biggest music festival that people around the world enjoy beyond the year-end music awards, with its first global debut through the 2010 Macau event, followed by Singapore, Hong Kong and the first three regions (Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong) last year. It has become a venue for global communication and spreading of popular music in Asia.