2016 many Korea Idol enter adulthood this year !

In South Korea, considering that children are one year old at birth, and refers to the day of the year (rather than their birthday) to count their age. The country of the morning calm, the majority is 20 years old (which corresponds to 18/19 years old for us). An individual should be in Korea for the right to marry, vote, drive, drink alcohol, or smoking.

A list of some idols who enter adulthood this year.

Jungkook Officially adult since switching to the new year, he did not fail to report on social networks, writing BTS official Twitter account: “honestly, I still have trouble believing that I’m 20 years old, but it feels good. “I guess that the ARMYs are not going to like it on the other hand, haha.”

The new male group of YG Entertainment has two idols who celebrate this year their passage to adulthood!

Junhoe and Donghyuk now have 20 years, a few months after their debut.

Ryu Soojung of Lovelyz has also 20 years this year. Often seen adorable way, the young woman could well show a more mature her side this year.

The two members of the surprising rookies of 2015 are celebrating also their 20 years this year! Yuju and Eunha, GFRIEND members, will be able to show themselves as adults during the comeback of their group, planned for early this year!

With the cute and adorable concept of Oh My Girl have made a comeback with a more mature concept for “Closer”. Binnie and Jiho becoming adults, it be hoped that the rookies will seduce many fans in the year 2016.

SEVENTEEN with 13 members, Born in 1997, Mingyu, DK, and The8 become adults this year. The trio will therefore achieving its first solo before most concerts, we remind you that the SEVENTEEN have surfed on the end of the year 2015 with their surprising popularity.

The new female group from JYP Entertainment with two new adults in its ranks. Mina and Jihyo are both to pass the course. The group is one of the most popular of the year-end 2015, it seems clear that the young singers have permanently left “SIXTEEN” behind.

The male group from JYP Entertainment , BamBam and Yugyeom reach in fact 20 years this year. In this honor, BamBam also posted a photo on Instagram in which he posed alongside his comrade with the message: “Hi! We’re adults now.”

These two there began at age 15 (where their name), while Park Ji Min and Baek Ye Rin come today both in adulthood. The two artists from JYP Entertainment succeeded in 2015, with solos, respectively with “Hopeless Love” and “Across The Universe”. Known for their impressive vocal abilities, the two young women are very awaited by their fans, who are eager to find adults.