Wanna One freaked out about 20,000 WANNABLE fans.

Wanna One held a debut concert ‘Show- Con’ at Gochek Dome, Seoul at 8 pm on July 7 and met some 20,000 fans. The title song ‘Energetic’ of the first mini album ‘1X1=1(To Be One)’ which was announced before ‘Show- Con’ proved Wanna One’s firepower by taking the top of all music charts.

When the members appeared on the stage of ‘Show- Con’, the audience gathered at Gochek Dome, shouted at once and cheered as if the members were going to leave whenever they were close to the screen. The members showed the songs “Never” and “Hands on Me” that were shown in Producer 101, and greeted their fans in a sweaty way.

Ong Seong Wu said, “I wondered what it would feel like when I got here.  The debut stage is full of big hit Real Hull,”he said.

The members watched 20,000 fans and said “it seems like a dream”. Hwang Minhyun said, “It does not make sense to make a debut showcase at Gocheok Dome. We want to show the stage we have prepared quickly.” Kim Jae Hwan said, “I do not feel that many people are here to participate, so I appreciate it.” “I practiced a lot and wanted to show the stage quickly.

Park Woo Jin said, “The rest of the stage is fun and exciting, so please enjoy it.” Park Ji Hoo said, “I will work harder and more sincere.” “I do not think it makes sense to have a debut showcase at the Gochek Dome, but it is like a dream, a dream come out in the light of the pouring of light. “He said.

Lee Daehwi said, “Thank you for the start of Wanna One, I practiced hard,” and Bae Jin Young said, “I can not believe this situation right now.

On this day, the members showed their new songs “Warner Bee,” “Burn it up” and “Energetic” and attracted fans with new charms that were not seen in Producer 101.

The members cheered after receiving news of ALLKILL’s mid-stage chart. Kang Daniel said, “I could not imagine it. Thank you for your support, and I want you to listen to it because it is a really good song.

In addition to the performance, Wanna One was able to emit a beagle through a VCR. They laughed at the news that fans could not see through ‘Warner One News’, ‘Album Maker’ and ‘Music Video Making Videos’.

The fans reacted to all the gestures and facial expressions of Wanna One members and enjoyed the two hours hot. The members enjoyed the sound of fans shouting, “We will work harder thinking about fans,” their said repeatedly.

On that day, MC Jeon Hyun Moo was active. Wanna One, which has a small number of songs as a debut showcase, included many talk corner on the showcase. So, Jun Hyun Moo showed a smooth progress for Wanna One which is nervous.

Wanna One’s title track ‘Energetic’ features a melodic composition with a delicate but anti-war feel. It is a song that reflects the intense throbbing of each other like the first encounter between Warner One and fans WANNABLE .

Wanna One said “Energetic” at the meeting place that was held before the comeback, “As much as the fans have picked up, we get more attachment. We’ve done a lot of preparation, so we’ll show you some good activities.

Park Woo Jin commented on his debut, “When I was practicing, I heard that the word” debut “came close to me and I realized that it is a reality or a dream, so I am going to have to work hard.

Wanna One is the only Dome stadium in Korea that can accommodate 20,000 people. It is very unusual for a new debut artist to open a debut showcase at the Dome Stadium, which is a part of how much interest in Wanna One was expected.

Wanna One, though born through Mnet, has eliminated the threshold for the terrestrial broadcasters as well as the terrestrial broadcasters due to the fact that they can not be ignored. Their has already appeared in “Happy Together” and “Superman Returns.”

The most noteworthy thing about Wanna One’s debut is the album sales volume. Wanna One surpassed 500,000 units of pre-order volume and wrote a record that was difficult to achieve as a popular group.

Wanna One starring in a number of entertainment programs, as well as album sales, is likely to be a newcomer this year. In addition, it has power to be able to aim at the prize.

Wanna One will continue to flow until December 2018, when a series of back-to-back titles and a solid fandom will support it. Wanna One, a former rookie, is interested in what new records will be written after the debut date.