Actor Song Joong Ki, who celebrated his 10th anniversary, had a warm meeting with his fans.

Song Joong Ki was known to keep his dignity with his colleagues and he gave a special thanks to his colleagues and made a meaningful time.

A fan meeting of Song Joong Ki was held at Kyunghee University Peace Hall on Sept 1st.

The fan meeting, which was held under the theme of “We Were Together Day.”

Song Joong Ki, who appeared as the protagonist of the red carpet reminiscent of the awards ceremony, started the event with the 10th anniversary trophy prepared by the fans.

The official fan club, Kiehl, celebrated the 10th anniversary cake, and Asian fan associations such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore prepared a bouquet of flowers.

In the conversation section of Part 1, the actor’s review of the work and acting life of the past 10 years is of profound significance. He not only seriously talked about the episodes of each work, but also frankly described his views on the acting and values, and showed a cautious side.

In the second part, the actor became an MC and held a talk show alone, drawing much attention. Reading the story of his fans, he showed his natural progress and words of appreciation as well as his warm manners towards fans throughout the day.

Lee Kwang Soo, a close actor, appeared as a special guest, and showed bromance of clashes with a prepared VR game. In addition, 2PM Junho and actor Kim Min Seok are the back door that exposes Song Joong Ki’s daily life through the blind talk and adds pleasantness to the intestines.

At the end of the performance, Song Joong Ki wrote his handwritten letter saying, “I think this year is the tenth anniversary of my debut. I was very pleased with myself because I thought, ‘You have been very hard.’ I have met a lot of good colleagues so far, so I can easily get tired and lonely, but I think I have been able to come up with it until now.

He added “From now on, I will try again and try to return to another decade. In order to show a new look, better acting, and a hard life, I will do whatever it takes. This is the glory of 10 years with everyone. I love you.”

Song Joong Ki showed his unusual love by coming down to the seats to greet his fans who want to see him closely and seeing all his fans off at the end of the fan meeting.

Meanwhile, celebration messages of various acquaintances such as Kim Jong Kook, Kim Ji Won, Park Bo Young, So Ji Sub, Yoo Yeon Seok and Jin Goo were followed in the fan meeting on behalf of Blossom Entertainment actors Ko Chang Seok, Kwon Sohyun, Kim Soo Ahn, Park Bo Gum, Son Seung Won,Song Jong Ho, Lim Ju Hwan and Cha Tae Hyun.

Song Joong Ki will confirm the appearances of tvN drama ‘Asadal Chronicles’ and will continue its full-scale activities.