JYP Entertainment, led by Park Jin Young, topped the list of K-pop management firms

The closing price of JYP Entertainment (JYP) was recorded at 31,300 won on Aug 29, and the market capitalization totaled 1.9 trillion won.

SM Entertainment (SM), which was in the first place, stood at 1,78.5 billion won and was overtaken by JYP.

While JYP’s closing price rose by 700 won (2.29 %) from the previous day’s closing price of 30,600 won, SM remained unchanged.

JYP surpassed 1 trillion won in market capitalization on August 22 and has jumped to #1 of the music company in the market capitalization scale in just a week.

In particular, JYP, which has long been the third largest in terms of market capitalization, jumped to second place after surpassing YG Entertainment on January 17 and became the No. 1 in seven months. Market capitalization is the basis for assessing the size of listed companies.

JYP Entertainment recorded KRW 4605 per share and market capitalization of KRW 159.4 billion on February 6 last year, but showed a rapid growth of more than six times over a year and six months. Following 2PM and Miss A Suzy, Twice, GOT7 and are on explosive growth. In addition, expectations for the second half of this year seem to drive the current stock price.

In particular, the company has gained a high reputation for its tailoring strategy, which has gained explosive popularity both domestically and in Japan, Twice and GOT7 focusing on overseas performance.

After its debut in October 2015, Twice, who has become a hot-selling group in both Korea and Japan, has become the ‘Asian One-Top Girls’ group.

Through this year’s world tour of 17 cities around the world, GOT7 is establishing the status of the global idol group representing K-pop.

Some analysts believe that not only active, but also expectations for the growth of the new idol group Stray Kids,which is considered a new future for JYP Entertainment, are also driving stock prices.

In addition, the video clip of ‘JYP 2.0’ that was released by Park Jin Young on YouTube also gave investors confidence.

In addition, boy group Boy Story is made up of members from all over China, and is expected to make its debut in September. With the release of Japan’s first album in September, Twice recorded four cities nationwide and sold out of the Arena tour of the ninth concert. There have been good news in succession.

In May, JYP is the only Korean entertainment company to be ranked in the top 177 in the “FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific” selected by the world’s leading economic magazine UK’s Financial Times (FT).

Along with Stattista, a market research firm,FT has selected 1,000 companies that are growing rapidly in the Asia-Pacific region between 2013 and 2016, and JYP was the only Korean company that has entered the list.

FT, together with Statista, a market research organization, announced 1,000 companies that are growing rapidly in Asia Pacific between 2013 and 2016.

JYP was the 12th among the 1,000 companies, including 104 Korean companies, and it was the only Korean entertainment company to be ranked.